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"Great songwriting and fantastic vocals. This band has a fresh, unique and energetic sound and I can't wait to hear them on the airwaves!"

    - ALFIE ZAPPACOSTA, Multi Juno Award Winner,

"My knowledge of Canadian radio doesn't compare to my years of experience on the U.S. airwaves, but from what I've heard, Nashville will love their sound."

      - CHUCK BURGI, Drummer, Clinician, currently touring with BILLY JOEL,

Currently in preproduction...heading into MetalWorks January 2015.

1st Single release-April 2015

CD release June 2015.

Impossible to categorize, an apt description of
ONE UGLY COWBOY is pure Country Fun!
-Music Express Magazine 2021-

Country/ROCK exploding!
-Seneca Queen Theatre 2020-

"ONE UGLY COWBOY brings everything to the stage every time.  

THE legendary Twin Stages were no exception."

-Havelock Country Jamboree 2017-

Charted SIX
#1 Songs on the fan-voted-

ONE UGLY COWBOY - #1 song - I'm Owning My Crazy on the Canadian Indie Country Countdown Chart


ONE UGLY COWBOY nominated for Country/Rock GROUP OF THE YEAR at the Josie Music Awards 2023 in Nashville Tennessee
Josie Music Awards 2023.jpg
ONE UGLY COWBOY -  Newest single - I'm Owning My Crazy
No End (YouTube).jpg
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